Werner-VonderHaar-Bogart Award Nomination


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The Werner VonderHaar Bogart Award is the Chapter’s most prestigious recognition of service to the Chapter, the Profession, the Community and the Society.  

William Werner, Edward VonderHaar and Judith Bogart all went from success as presidents of the Cincinnati Chapter to serving with distinction as PRSA national presidents. What made them similar is the depth, breadth and quality of their service to our profession, to our community and to our organization. The award named in their honor is meant to continue to acknowledge the value of exceptional service.


The nominee must be a member of the Cincinnati Chapter of PRSA in good standing, and not a previous recipient of the award. Accomplishment in the following service areas are established as criteria for candidates for the Werner VonderHaar Bogart Award. The nominee should have demonstrated accomplishments in three of the four service areas over a sustained period of time; some examples of each are provided below:

Service to the Cincinnati Chapter – Having served as an officer of the chapter, a Board member, a committee chair, a committee member or as a volunteer for chapter projects – preferably a combination of these accomplishments. 

Service to the Profession – Having served as a program speaker, a professional development presenter, a panelist, coordinator of an accreditation activity, having worked closely with students in the classroom or as a mentor, having served as a mentor to subordinates or colleagues, having exemplified high ethical and professional standards – preferably a combination of these accomplishments .

Service to the Greater Cincinnati Community -  Having done pro bono public relations work in support of a not-for-profit organization, having served on a on a not-for-profit committee or board, etc.

Service to the Society – Having served in a leadership position in a Professional Interest Section or on a District or National ad hoc committee or task force, having served at the District level or the National level on a committee, board, or as an officer, having served as a delegate to the National Convention, having achieved Accreditation in Public Relations or Fellowship status. 

Selection Guidelines and Process

  1. The selection committee will be chaired by the most recent recipient of the Award, and include past recipients of the award and the president-elect of the chapter.
  2. A call for nominations will be issued to the chapter’s membership by the chair. Each nomination must include the candidate’s experience vis a vis the criteria (see preceding section on “Criteria). In addition to addressing the criteria, the nomination must include the name of the nominator and of the candidate, and a brief paragraph by the nominator summarizing the candidate’s worthiness of the Award. The accuracy and veracity of the substance of the nomination are the responsibility of the nominator. 
  3. The order in which the service area criteria are listed suggests a degree of importance. In other words, “Service to the Chapter” will receive more weight than “Service to the Profession,” etc., all else being equal.
  4. A qualified candidate for this award will have demonstrated achievement in at least three of the four service areas.
  5. The quantity, quality and longevity of demonstrated achievement in these service areas will influence the choice between two somewhat similar candidates.
  6. The selection committee has the option of not making an award in a particular year if no nominations are forthcoming or if, in the judgment of the committee, none of the candidates meet the criteria.
  7. Questions about these guidelines and the nominating process should be directed to the selection committee chair.

Nomination Form

For a nomination to be eligible, the form must be submitted by Monday, September 17, 2018 at 11:59pm. If you have questions, please contact Lauren Doyle, APR - 2018 WVB Award Chair.

Please note: This form does not contain a spell check feature.

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