WVB Award Winner 2014


Chris Kemper, APR, was the 2014 WVB recipient. Chris was honored as the winner during the 2014 Blacksmith Awards ceremony on November 13 at the 20th Century Theater.

A committee of past WVB Award recipients, chaired by the 2013 honoree Debbie Copeland-Bloom, APR, sifted through many nominations before ultimately selecting Chris in recognition of his many years of service to the chapter, the community, the society and the profession.

Among the highlights from his multiple nominations:

I really can't think about the Cincinnati PRSA Chapter without thinking about Chris Kemper. His professionalism and leadership on the board has been consistent for years, and he has always led with integrity and passion for the chapter, for PRSA and for the PR profession. What really stands out to me about Chris and his dedication to the chapter is that he never served just to build his resume.”

“Chris Kemper truly exemplifies every aspect of the criteria established by the Werner-VonderHaar-Bogart award. He is a tireless champion of the chapter, Society and the profession as a whole. He is a motivated, persistent, savvy professional whose continued path to success is almost certainly guaranteed. You would think that after 15 years, he’d be ready to rest on his laurels, and yet, he still aspires to do more, learn more. More importantly, he is a mentor to those around him, serving as a touchstone for many a young professional.”

“I cannot think of an individual more deserving of the Werner-VonderHaar-Bogart Award than Chris Kemper, APR. He has clearly dedicated his entire professional career to the advancement of Cincinnati PRSA, the public relations profession, our community and PRSA. Personally, Chris has had a profound impact on my professional career, yet I don’t think he realizes it. Through the years, he has been my mentor and my friend, and I am forever grateful. Chris continues to this day to advance PRSA and the PR profession, and there’s no sign of slowing down.”

In short, naming Chris Kemper, APR the 2014 Werner-VonderHaar-Bogart Award honoree is a much-deserved recognition of his personal and professional contributions to our chapter, profession and city. As one of his nominations said so eloquently, “Chris Kemper, APR, is one of the most respected and influential public relations professionals in Greater Cincinnati.”