Volunteer Bank

What volunteer opportunities are available?
See our list of opportunities in our newsletter, PR Visions. 
Why do PRSA members volunteer?
Our members volunteer for a number of reasons. Some need “maintenance points” to keep their Accredited in Public Relations (APR) certification. Others want to expand their skill sets and work portfolio examples beyond their responsibilities at their paying jobs. Some simply want to make new contacts in the community.
What kinds of organizations use PRSA volunteers?
To answer that, here are some examples of how PRSA volunteers have helped organizations:

  1. A university professor needed a panel of PR professionals to serve as a “jury” to review and rate students’ projects.
  2. A trade group needed a PR professional to give a presentation on the basics of media relations.
  3. A non-profit community organization needed a team of PR people to create a communications plan and handle media relations for a special event. 

What does the volunteer bank NOT do?
Please note that our members are volunteers. Most of them have full-time paying jobs that are their first PR priority. Therefore, our members can best serve you if your volunteer project is something they can do in their free time or if it requires only a few hours of workday time. In short, if the PR work you need to have done is the kind you’d normally hire someone for and pay them, the volunteer bank may not be the appropriate resource for you.
How does the volunteer bank work?
Please email a short description of your needs to PR Visions editor, Megan Haughney at mhaughney@vehrcommunications.com.  Be sure to include contact information for interested volunteers. Then, we’ll post your information in our monthly newsletter.  
Note that we’re not a “recruitment firm”; we cannot act as an intermediary, negotiating hours or responsibilities between volunteers and volunteer seekers. It’s up to the volunteer and volunteer seekers to strike a deal on a project. The volunteer bank is simply making an introduction.
How long does it take to get a volunteer?
It depends on a variety of factors, such as how busy our members are and how closely their expertise/interests match your need. There’s no safe estimation of how long it can take to match you with a PR person.
How can I volunteer?

Look for the contact listed for each volunteer request.