Webinar recap: Going beyond the press kit to engage influencers

Last month, Lisa Bialecki, senior director of Integrated Communications for Rust-Oleum, and I hosted a PRSA webinar, now available on-demand, called, “Going Beyond the Press Kit to Engage Influencers.” During the webinar, we highlighted eight common ways brands can fail in the blogger space. Here’s a short recap. You can access a longer recap on the PRSA website.

Tools of the Trade

Finding the right bloggers for your engagement is critical to success. Remember, don’t invite just anyone. You have the right to be picky, especially if the information or experience you are providing is valuable. Building a successful blogger list is part science, but also part art. Use tools like Cision, Marketing Cloud (formerly Radian6) and Compete.com to develop an initial list for consideration. However, not everyone on these lists will be relevant for you. It takes a layer of human research and intuition to build the perfect blogger list.

Bloggers and FTC Guidelines

Bloggers must disclose, per the FTC guidelines. Most bloggers will automatically disclose in their own way. However, it’s our job as marketers to ensure each and every blogger you work with is properly disclosing. For more information on FTC guidelines and the latest additions to the policy, download the PDF of WOMMA’s Social Media Disclosure Guide.

Pay to play or earn your coverage

There’s a time and a place for both so don’t limit your thinking to one or the other. If you have compelling content or an experience that the bloggers can’t get anywhere else, that’s a sign you should take an earned approach. If you’re simply looking for a product review and you’re limited to a sample and a press release, you should consider a paid approach.

Measure your ROAS (return on ad spend)

Proving your blogger campaign paid off is important, especially when marketing spend is being dissected into dozens of different areas. Before you send one pitch email, make sure you set your success criteria. If it’s simply awareness, impressions are easy to measure. But if you’re interested in business goals like increasing sales, you’ll want to put tracking in place to capture those important metrics. If your blogger outreach campaign is part of a larger media mix (TV, print, digital display), consider executing a marketing mix model to determine your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). This will allow you to statistically attribute sales to each effort.

Thanks to everyone who joined the webinar live or downloaded the podcast version.


Ashley Walters - President

Ashley Walters - President