Five Tools for You During PRSA Ethics Month

By Shara Clark, APR

Our profession has come a long way from the days of P.T. Barnum shamelessly promoting Tom Thumb and the Fiji Mermaid. But, public relations can still face a bit of an image problem as there are still people out there who think of PR pros as people who “spin” the truth to drum up business.

PRSA Ethics Month is September.

PRSA Ethics Month is September.

That’s one of the reasons why the PRSA Code of Ethics is so important to our profession. As we all work to follow these guidelines and principles, we can be sure that we’re holding ourselves accountable to the highest professional practice.

However, ethics isn’t always the topic at the front of our minds or the thing we find most interesting to discuss. Enter PRSA Ethics Month! The entire society makes a concerted effort to make ethics a central theme each September. Did you know that PRSA has a variety of resources that can help you better think about and approach ethical dilemmas?

Check out these helpful tools:

·       Find guidance on real-world ethical problems like disclosure, social media, deceptive online practices, ethical use of interns, and more with the Ethical Standards Advisories. (

·       Test your EQ (ethics quotient) with a quick, online quiz. (

·       Get insight on ethical challenges and best practices on the Content Connection blog. (

·       Learn from some of the world’s most ethical companies how they are aligning their business and leadership to ethical perspectives in the Guide to Increasing Collaboration Between Communications and Ethics Office. (

·       Listen to tips and information from a variety of professionals in the Ethical Public Relations webcast that’s available for members for free. (

As we hold ourselves, and our colleagues, accountable to the ethical standards found in PRSA’s Code of Ethics, we will continue to shape the future of our profession into one of which we can all be proud.