Tips for Navigating the New Newsroom

The Cincinnati Enquirer hosted April’s PRSA meeting where members heard from Michael Perry, senior news director for content and Jordan Kellogg, senior news director for digital at the Enquirer. The two offered some tips for PR pros trying to get coverage locally, here are some highlights:

-Any story pitched to the Enquirer needs to have an audience to garner the attention of reporters and editors. That means 5,000 page views or more. Perry advises PR pros to use their instincts.

-Kellogg also offered details about the Enquirer’s “share” tool, which allows PR pros to submit calendar items and routine stories directly to the newsroom. He suggested tagging local neighborhoods to help the newsroom staff direct these items to the well-read suburban Community Press papers. Check it out here.

-Perry said the newsroom isn’t just digitally focused, it’s digitally “obsessed.” The staff is constantly looking at online page views and will tweak content accordingly. He also noted that mobile views of the site are reaching 77% of all views.

-The Enquirer is looking for PR pros to be partners and help find the story angle that might have the greatest audience.

Thanks again to Michael and Jordan for hosting the event. See photos below!