Spend an Afternoon Back in College!

 By Shara Clark, APR

Does spring time ever bring back a yearning for your college years? Seems at this time of year, we are often reminded of those days... stories about Spring Break, college hoops madness, and prepping for graduation. Well, here's a chance to enjoy a little taste of college again while reaching out to and encouraging the next generation of diverse PR pros.

Our annual PRSA Goes to School event will bring 30 high school juniors from Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy to Miami University's campus on Partnering with Miami's PRSSA chapter, we'll be talking with students about what a career in PR can look like, college life, and we'll put their brains to work to tackle a PR challenge!

Interested in helping out? No need to prepare anything - we're just looking for pros who would be willing to share a little about their experience and help teams of students brainstorm during the case study portion of the event. Volunteers are welcome to come participate in the tour and lunch portion (11 a.m.-1 p.m.; bring money for lunch), or just join for the session from 1-3 p.m.