I’d like to thank the Academy... Nominate Local Pros for WVB Award

By: Carrie Phillippi, APR

When you enter a career in public relations, you pretty much resign yourself to being in the background. A behind-the-scenes player making your clients/bosses look prepared, professional and fabulous. It’s not about you. It shouldn’t be about you. It’s about the message/client/product/service.

Nominate an outstanding local PR pro for the Werner Vonderhaar Bogart Award. Champagne not included.

Nominate an outstanding local PR pro for the Werner Vonderhaar Bogart Award. Champagne not included.

But occasionally we find ourselves in the spotlight. Winning PRSA’s Werner Vonderhaar Bogart Award (WVB) was my moment and represented a high point of my career. To be honored in front of my husband, parents, peers and colleagues was indeed my Oscar/I’d like to thank the Academy moment.

As I said in my acceptance speech, When I think of the keys to my career, I think about how I take true enjoyment from my work. I love, love, love public relations. Second, is the relationships I’ve built along the way.

The WVB celebrates a career professional who has been dedicated to the Chapter, PRSA and the public relations profession. Candidates not only have a list of committees, events, volunteer activities to their name, but they likely have an extensive network and solid working relationships. The ideal candidate will also love, love, love public relations!

As much as I hate to relinquish my reign, it is an honor (and a nice piece of crystal) that I’ll maintain forever. Now it’s time to let someone else thank the Academy. I’ve assembled a small committee to review WVB nominations for the 2017 winner, to be honored at the Blacksmith Awards.

Who do you know that deserves the Chapter’s recognition? Which member has mentored and helped shape your career? Who has served the Chapter, the profession and PRSA tirelessly? We want to hear about these people!

The WVB nomination window is officially open. Please complete this nomination form by Friday, September 22, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

So now I’d like to thank the Academy…for any and all nominations!