Guest Post: What PR Professionals Need to Know about the Millennials

As millennials graduate from college and join the workforce, it is important to get to know the generation. A millennial was born between 1980 to 2000, grew up in an ever-expanding online and socially-networked world, and is often pinned as entitled. Falling into the category of a millennial and recent college graduate, I have insider insight for PR professionals about working with our generation.

1. Ditch the Stereotypes

First, ditch the stereotypes. Millennials are often lumped into a bucket of negative traits like laziness and entitlement. There are differences between every generation, and it is important to be open-minded. A key part of a successful work environment is acceptance. Without it, disconnect forms. Once people see beyond these stereotypes, a company will be able to better communicate and become more successful.

2. Embrace Change

For millennials, the increase in technological importance shifted many aspects of our lives, especially the way people interact and learn. Millennials can multitask like no other generation. Embracing this change involves learning new best practices for how this generation best communicates and works. For instance, realizing that just because someone is on their phone or device doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention. Many millennials take notes on their phones and portable devices. In addition, millennials thrive working in groups, as this was a common practice during their education.

3. Offer Mentorship

Millennials want to learn and succeed. Implementing a mentorship program in your company would not only foster stereotype reduction and acceptance of change, but would also create a more meaningful work atmosphere. Millennials want more from their professional atmospheres.

About the author: Annie Aldrich graduated from Miami University in May 2017 with a degree in strategic communications.