We’ve hit the ground running…

By Chris Holtman, Cincinnati PRSA President

January was here and gone in the blink of an eye – in no small part due to the excitement and prep for another productive year with Cincinnati PRSA.

Here are a few updates on some of the exciting things we’re focused on in 2017:

Chris Holtman

Strengthen ties between our local PRSSA chapters and Cincinnati PRSA

Cincinnati PRSA is lucky enough to have four PRSSA organizations in our service area. These schools – UC, Xavier, NKU and Miami University – are chock-full of talented, diverse, intelligent, driven, and passionate soon-to-be professionals, and we’d be fortunate to have them as part of our organization. We’re working towards building our visibility and strengthening the relationships we have with these local chapters in order to get students more involved and engaged with PRSA. As we all know, the public relations industry is constantly changing, and the game-changing ideas these students can bring to our trade is exciting. This is a mutually beneficial relationship that will pay dividends into the future.

Revamp our Blacksmith Awards categories, criteria and submission process

The Blacksmith Awards has served as the Super Bowl for Cincinnati-area public relations professionals for years. And since its inception, hundreds of awards have been given out to recognize our colleague’s outstanding work. This year we’re going to take a look at our award categories, criteria and submission process to assess any changes that need to be made to our annual event. Is a particular category still needed? How does our reciprocal judging chapter evaluate each entry? Can we update our submission process? These are questions our task force is going to ask to build upon this already fantastic event for Cincinnati PRSA and our local professionals.

Cincinnati PRSA Committee Growth

Want to get the most out of your PRSA membership? Is there a skill that you’d like to work on outside of your 9 to 5? Joining one of PRSA’s various committees is a great way to do just that. I wanted insight into event planning, so I joined the Programming committee to help plan, execute and evaluate monthly events. I know of others who sought to brush up on their blog writing skills, so they joined the Content committee. Our committees are truly the heart and soul of Cincinnati PRSA, and getting our members plugged in to areas that will be most impactful for them is a win-win. Committee work is also a fantastic opportunity to network with other professionals – another reason why so many people join PRSA.

Our energetic leadership team and volunteers are already well on their way to helping us achieve these goals, as well as those of each of our various committees.

To say that I’m excited about what our year has in store would be an understatement. We’ve hit our stride and I hope you’ll join us along the way.