These Olympians go for the gold on social media

By Joy Landry

I love the Summer Olympic Games. The competitors absolutely amaze me with their athleticism, dedication and perseverance. Can you imagine spending four years on a public relations campaign plan before you get to launch it?

Joy Landry is a public relations specialist at Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services.

Joy Landry is a public relations specialist at Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services.

Social media has taken the Olympic experience to a whole new level, for both the athletes and us mere mortals. Here are my Twitter champions from the 2016 Olympic Games.

Bronze: Usain Bolt. The only one that can outrun Usain’s legs is his Tigger-like personality. He does not follow the rule of thirds: it’s all Bolt, all the time. Although many questioned Ellen DeGeneres’ now infamous “running errands” tweet, Bolt retweeted it to his 4.27 million followers. When Bolt does get serious, he shares his experiences meeting a young cancer fighter and supporting gender equality.

Silver: Aly Raisman I do back-flips over Aly’s engagement on her Twitter account. She gives her 730,000 followers a backstage view of the Olympic experience and famous athletes she and her fellow Final Five gymnasts met. She’s received congratulatory tweets from the likes of Magic Johnson, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Evans and Taylor Swift. She’s savvy to know how to acknowledge brand support when Smuckers put her image on their jars. She remains refreshingly genuine and consistently gracious among the media attention and platitudes.

Gold: LeslieJones’ unbridled enthusiasm is pure gold – her Twitter coverage of the Olympics “slayed all day!” Her commentary on various events was simply LOL funny. And NBC quickly took notice, flying her, and by extension, her 550,500 plus followers to Rio. Here’s her take on springboard diving; synchronized swimming, and the shot put. Watch her fangirl reaction to meeting multi-gold medal swimmer Katie Ledecky’s mother. My favorite Leslie Jones’ tweet was issued after Ashton Eaton repeated as the Olympic Champion in the decathlon. When some Twitter users directed negativity at Gabby Douglas, Leslie leapt to the gymnast’s defense by launching the #LOVE$GABBYUSA hashtag.

Who are your social media Olympic champions?