Here's how to make your B2B content more compelling

By Rob Pasquinucci

During my time working with university recruitment pros and faculty, I would constantly come back to the idea of using real people in our communication to make our content more compelling and relevant for our audience. This blog post from Princeton’s social media team affirms my belief.

Rob Pasquinucci is Content Strategist at Intrinzic.

Rob Pasquinucci is Content Strategist at Intrinzic.

So, you might be saying, that’s great, Rob, but I’m in the B2B world and we don’t have smiling, happy undergraduates (or faculty) out there to write about us. Good point. But you do have customers … and you have your people -- with whom you are asking an organization to engage in a long professional relationship. Why not put these elements of your organization front and center as opposed to rattling off the same features and benefits over and over?

With B2B marketers saying they are adding more to the content funnel in the coming year, you need make sure what you produce stands out and truly represents your brand. In fact, creating engaging content consistently appears as the No. 1 challenge for B2B marketers in industry surveys.

Here are three ways to develop compelling content in your organization:

1) Go behind the scenes. I remember visiting the testing lab for a large manufacturer of commercial foodservice equipment. After looking at the battery of battering they put their products through, it’s no surprise they lead the industry. Do you have similar things you do to test your products? Any interesting manufacturing procedures you can share (without compromising your competitive advantages)? Take a look at a great example from General Electric.

2) Have fun. Cloud computing and zombie attacks? Why not. Sunguard did it with an amusing infographic. Are there ways you can make relatively routine content more interesting?

3)  Make it a game. Games and quizzes are often used in B2C marketing. Savvy B2B marketers have figured out these tactics can make their contact more interactive. World Pay’s anti-fraud game is one example.

I’d love to hear other ideas from B2B marketers on how you’ve broken the mold and created interesting B2B content. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!