3 reasons PR people should pay attention to the Super Bowl

By Rob Pasquinucci

Rob Pasquinucci is content strategist at Intrinzic.

Rob Pasquinucci is content strategist at Intrinzic.

In few days, we will grab gobs of salty food, collect around the TV and participate in one of the few collective media moments we have left – watching the Super Bowl. The big game isn’t something you set on your DVR to watch on demand, lest you be left out of the conversation around the Keurig machine the following day. And, that conversation invariably turns to the commercials. These multi-million dollar, 30-second slices of corporate brilliance always generate discussion (and a quick silence of the party chatter at every TV timeout during the game).

But, as a PR pro, you might feel like you’ve been left out of the party. I think we might admit we have some “ad envy” when we see what the big budgets and high production value produces on the world’s biggest stage. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some very good reasons to pay attention to what’s happening during the TV timeouts (and social media) this Sunday to have some things to discuss as you drag yourself into work Monday:

Watch the “surround sound”

In today’s hyper-connected, multi-screen world, the actual 30-second spot is the tip of the marketing iceberg. The social media, PR and mobile tactics that surround the ad content is something PR pros can learn from and, potentially, apply to client work.

This is your opportunity to learn from the way big brands surround their big ad with other marketing – PR, content, digital and more. Are you looking at every strategy and tactic for your clients or employers? Are there approaches the big brands take that you can use?

See Jack newsjack

A few years ago, the lights went out at the New Orleans Superdome during the game. Oreo (and several other brands) successfully Newsjacked this story on social media to become part of conversation online during the game, and during the days following. Since social media is a big part of PR these days, steal a few looks at your mobile phone during the game to see how brands are joining the conversation. You’ll see some find a seamless fit, while others will shoehorn themselves in awkwardly.

Be inspired

The spots (and the campaigns they are part of) represent the latest thinking in marketing. Can you apply some of that thinking to your PR campaigns? Are there trends that brands are taking to integrate an ad to digital assets that you can learn from? Also, the NFL is a PR machine. Take note at how the league uses PR to build up the Big Game, and handles controversy that recently has surrounded the sport.