Can emerging media apps create a more positive, helpful workplace?

By Susan Sullivan

I'm getting ready to start my new job at Wordsworth Communications next week. I've always been a one-man band: as a news reporter, as a Public Information Officer, and in my last job at Broodle, where I took care of incoming orders, packing, shipping, tracking, and logistics, as well as marketing, content, website development, and brand identity management. This will be my first job working on a team, and I can't wait to see where I fit the best. I know that in addition to just bringing my talents, I’ll want to help maintain a positive atmosphere.

Susan Sullivan

Susan Sullivan

So, what emerging media can affect a team’s workplace behavior?  What creates a helpful environment?  I've dabbled in a few different co-working programs and apps, and have found these not only helpful to employees working together, but helpful to create that behavior.

Asana - I used Asana for a bit at Broodle to organize projects and track each department's progress. Asana claims to be "Teamwork without Email," and I found it easy to use in not only organizing projects and tasks, but also encouraging others while they work. One study on this topic found that "positive affect" made people want to help others more, and it was obvious in Asana.  When I thanked others for completing their tasks, they were more likely to not only complete their next task in a timely manner, but to also see if anyone else needed help.

Google's products, like Sheets and Slides - All of Google's products offer fantastic co-working abilities. With Slides you can easily add comments to documents you're sharing with others. Throwing in positive affect, like complimenting others while you're assigning tasks or asking for help, encourages co-workers to pitch in on other parts of the project.

Starbucks App - gift cards - Creating a positive, helpful work environment always includes showing appreciation for your co-workers whether they're bosses or subordinates. I've used the Starbucks app to send digital gift cards to those who have really gone above and beyond (to interns while I was at the City of Morgantown) and to co-workers who were moving on to bigger and better things (to someone moving cross-country and leaving Broodle). The Starbucks app makes it easy to create a personalized gift card to send money directly to the recipient’s rewards card balance. And if coffee as a gift doesn't count as positive affect, what does?

Maybe you know other ways that emerging media has created a positive work environment and harbored positive affect and helping behavior in the workplace.  Share them with me on Twitter at @ssulli27 -- I'd love to know more about this phenomenon.