Book report: 4 for fall reading

By Rob Pasquinucci

I had a professor in college who constantly had that week’s New York Times review of books on her coffee table. She told me she felt she didn’t need to read all the new books out there if she kept up with the weekly review.

Rob Pasquinucci is content strategist at Intrinzic.

Rob Pasquinucci is content strategist at Intrinzic.

I feel the same way about the many, many books about public relations and marketing out there that I see touted on blogs, displayed in the bookstore or gathering dust in my Amazon wish list. What follows is a list of items I’ve either read or want to read. Since it’s back to school time, why not assign some reading?

Brand Journalism by Andy Bull

Andy provides a nice cross-section of brands doing excellent work in this space and a great how-to on developing your strategy. He also explores some of the ethical concerns that come up when brands’ “grasping hands” undertake journalistic pursuits. 

This is a “must read” for content marketers.

Brand Journalism at Amazon

Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi

Joe’s a great guy and I’m really excited to check out his next book, which should hit Amazon around the time you read this. Joe is truly the sharpest content marketing expert out there, but his humble hometown Cleveland roots make him much more approachable than other experts our there. If you aren’t checking out the Content Marketing Institute blog every day, you should.

Content Inc. at Amazon

What Did Jesus Drive? Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity by Jason H. Vines

I literally learned to read by looking at car brochures and Motor Trend as a kid, so this book combines a personal passion with my professional career. Vines uses some salty language and is definitely full of himself, but this book provides some great lessons for crisis communications. Vines gives us a front-row seat to many recent auto-industry crises, including the Ford/Firestone tire fiasco, Jeep’s unintended acceleration claims, and a campaign against SUVs (which, by the way, Vines claims Jesus might drive). It’s a funny, quick read.

What Did Jesus Drive at Amazon

And Then We came To the End by Joshua Ferris

This is a must read if you’ve ever worked at an agency, and a fun read even if you haven’t. This novel takes a funny and often poignant look at agency life, complete with timesheets, coffee bars, economic downturns and snarky creative directors. Having worked at three agencies through two decades, I appreciate Ferris’s eye for detail. He nails it in his first novel.

And Then We Came to the End at Amazon

If you’ve read any of these, or have others to recommend weigh in! Tweet @CincinnatiPRSA.