Content marketing for those who don't have the time

By Susan Sullivan

I’m a marketing and advertising professional for a small Cincinnati company that makes drinkholders and tumblers. The handful of us who work here do get a lot done for the volume of product that goes out, but in our growing business, I often find myself doing more packing and shipping of samples to potential customers than content marketing. 

While advertising is important to get the idea of our product out to potential customers on Facebook and Amazon, content marketing is what really makes our brand shine. It gives us the chance to show people what we’re about, not just what we make. Without content marketing, the business doesn’t have a personality – just a menu of products to buy. Now.  Pick a color and add to cart.  Insert card number. You see the sterile relationship I’m talking about.

Susan Sullivan is project coordinator at Broodle Brands in Cincinnati.

Susan Sullivan is project coordinator at Broodle Brands in Cincinnati.

We are short on time, rushed to heighten our investors’ ROI, and always delving into new market research projects to find people to call and sell directly to, but there is merit in taking the time to build our content marketing. Here are things to remember next time that you think you don’t have time for content marketing:

1. First and foremost: Not all content has to be a long, involved project. Today, the most engaging content is short, to the point, and even includes lists, a thank you, or answers to frequently asked questions.

2. Don’t get overwhelmed with coming up with something new, shorting out on the myriad of ideas, then skipping it for the day. That’s a path to a never-ending pattern of forgetting about content marketing. Planning with an editorial calendar can help you see what’s next, and you’ll already be thinking of great content when that particular topic on that specific day comes up.

3. Consider quality over quantity. If you don’t have a current content marketing strategy, start out slow and small, just like changing a diet. If you bite off more than you can chew with an aggressive plan, it’s easier to fail. Maybe start out with a blog post a week, or even every two weeks. Working it in a little at a time can help you adjust to the plan. Then, as you get more comfortable with getting it done on a regular basis, consider upping the frequency.

Even if you still don’t have time to put together content, you can always reach out to what other bloggers have done. Suggest a notable blog post for the week, or recruit other bloggers to submit the week’s content. Content marketing is the personality and engagement mechanism of your company, and starting a plan today can help your company grow exponentially in the future.