Presidents Award to honor Xavier's Sister Rose Ann June 3; join us!

By Lauren Doyle

The Presidents Award is the highest honor Cincinnati PRSA can bestow on a non-public relations professional. The award honors a Cincinnatian who doesn’t work in the public relations profession, but who uses PR essentials – strategy, storytelling and brand building – to bring positive awareness and build the positive reputation of the city. This year’s honoree is Sister Rose Ann Fleming, SND de N, athlete academic adviser at Xavier University.

        Sister Rose Ann will be honored June 3.    


    Sister Rose Ann will be honored June 3.


In case you aren’t familiar with her story, Sister Rose Ann is noted as the tour de force behind Xavier’s men’s basketball team, ensuring since she began the academic advising program that every senior player graduates from the university. One of Cincinnati’s Women of the Year alumnae, she’s been immortalized as a bobble head, had her number retired by the team – despite the fact that she never played basketball – and is now an author of a new book, "Out of Habit." Oh, and she’s been featured in the Holy Grail, aka the New York Times, among other major media outlets. She’s a very fine selection for our award.

We will honor Sister Rose Ann on Wednesday, June 3, at the Cintas Center at Xavier University, where she will elaborate on the theme, Public Relations and Basketball: They’re Not So Different After All. Joining us in honoring Sister Rose Ann will be Gary R. Massa, vice president of university relations; Sister Rita Sturwold, SND de N, a close friend and longtime associate; and Jamal Walker, an XU Hall of Famer and Princeton High School varsity basketball coach.

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