A recap from our year of blogging

By J.D. Bruewer

Cincinnati has a vast array of public relations talent. PR Visions is a great place to sample some of that talent and wisdom. Each week our members share their insights and advice on dealing with common, and tricky, situations. Here are a few helpful posts from 2015.

Social media tips that work

J.D. Bruewer is a communications specialist at Hamilton County Job & Family Services.

J.D. Bruewer is a communications specialist at Hamilton County Job & Family Services.

We start with January and a post I shared about doing more with less on social media. The post had simple tips to plan, execute and refine social media efforts.

Don’t forget your social media etiquette

In February, Intrinzic social media and content strategist Jake Hawkins cautioned us to mind our social media manners.

Career-building advice from the pros

In March, Miami University freshman strategic communications major Paige Garty recapped the PRSA student chapter’s panel discussion focused on landing your first, or next, job.

PR and SEO: Different acronyms, same ultimate goal

In April, GNGF copywriter Justine Daley offered a quick look at three key analytics PR pros should know and love.

PRSA goes to school

In May, Michelle Hopkins talked about a diversity initiative launched by Cincinnati PRSA, and the encouraging response from students.

Design, develop, debrief: Crisis communication planning made easy

In June, Northern Kentucky Sanitation District 1 communications specialist Rachel Wells reviewed a step-by-step guide to crisis communications planning.

Navigating the legal minefield of social media

In July, Cincinnati Art Museum marketing and communications associate Jessica Stringfield recapped a PRSA panel discussion on the legal aspects of social media.

The (social media) world according to Bunce

In August, Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services public relations specialist Joy Landry discussed how a Labrador retriever puppy named Bunce became a social media star.

How digital campaigns are like a football team

In September, Northlich digital strategist Tim Fagel took a look a digital campaigns from a gridiron perspective.

Get big on the medium

In October, Intrinzic content strategist Rob Pasquinucci offered 5 tips to improve your understanding of digital media. 

Does your crisis communications plan include social media?

In November, Susan Sullivan of Wordsworth Communications shared four simple tactics to make sure your crisis communication plan is in synch with current communications tools.

New year, new goals: Creating your professional to-do list

In December, 2060 Digital social media strategist Bridget Sullivan offered some advice to get 2016 in focus.

In addition to these, and other, helpful posts, in 2015 we shared news of our events and advice on preparing a Blacksmith Award entry. Keep watching for more helpful information in 2016.