New year, new goals: Creating your professional to-do list

By Bridget Sullivan

It’s never been a better time. A better time for what? To make a change. Personally. Professionally. As the year is coming to an end, I’m taking the time to re-evaluate my plans for the upcoming year.

Bridget Sullivan is a social media strategist at 2060 Digital.

Bridget Sullivan is a social media strategist at 2060 Digital.

As an avid to-do lister, I’ve compiled a mini bucket-list to serve as my blueprint for 2016.  This list is not comprehensive, and it will be flexible as the year progresses. It is also not to be confused with a set of resolutions. I’m planning on integrating a few of these goals into sustainable parts of my lifestyle.

Here are two things I’m going to try and accomplish personally + professionally in 2016:

1. Find an anthem.

This song will have to stand the ultimate test: being on mass repeat. It’s the jam I want in my ears right before a big presentation or brainstorming for the next big thing. If it has a catchy beat, an uplifting message, and I can sing along to the lyrics, then I’m sold.

This song doesn’t necessarily have to be my favorite song, but it will be one that I turn to whenever I need a boost. This song will fill me up with extra confidence, and it will be the song I can’t stop singing, the song I want everyone to hear. The search for this anthem – like the search for work/life balance- won’t be easy, but it certainly will be worth it.

2. Collect more moments- not things.

Every material ‘thing’ can be replaced. This upcoming year, I’m going to be increasingly mindful of the ‘things’ I possess. And in doing so, I’ll try to a conscious consumer. I plan to enjoy 2016 as it unfolds and savor every moment, without needing to buy anything or post it to any social media channels. Some moments are sweeter when they’re not (socially) shared. 

Here’s to making new (and lasting) changes in 2016! Have any items you’re adding to your personal/professional to-do list? I’d love to hear them -- tweet me @bee_buzzes with your list items!