New APR Spotlight: Brandy Jones

Congratulations to Brandy Jones, APR. Brandy is Metro’s customer and employee communications coordinator. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communications: public relations from Xavier University in 2008 and is a three-time Blacksmith Awards recipient for internal communications tactics.

Brandy is currently the chapter’s diversity chair; she previously served as the new professionals chair and newsletter editor. She also serves as director of PR for the Greater Cincinnati Earth Coalition, outreach chair for the Council of Minority Transportation Officials and on the Communications/Marketing Advisory Committee to the American Cancer Society.

Why did you decide to earn your APR? I decided to earn my APR as part of my career advancement. I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to professional development and continued education, while proving that I have the necessary skills and abilities to effectively practice public relations. It is such an honor to be listed among the other distinguished APRs.

What advice can you offer PR practitioners thinking about earning their APR? My advice would be to talk with a current APR to get a better understanding of what the APR process involves and to determine if you are indeed ready. Once you have made the decision to go for it, which I encourage all practitioners to do, study, study, study. The study course offered by the chapter is an excellent source to help prepare for the test.

As you went through the process, is there one thing you learned that will benefit you as a practitioner in the future? I learned how to become a better strategic thinker. It’s an essential skill necessary for the development of successful PR campaigns and plans. The process also helped solidify my understanding of the basic principles underlying our profession.

Interested in Earning Your APR?

The Cincinnati Chapter will offer a six-week APR Prep Course in September and October. The fee for Chapter members is $100. Readiness Reviews are conducted the first Saturday in June and November. If you are interested in learning more about the APR process, please email me.


Debbie Copeland-Bloom,
APR - APR Chair 

Debbie Copeland-Bloom, APR - APR Chair