Featured chapter member: Connie Kolita

Connie Kolita, APR

Connie Kolita, APR

Current position: Project manager-public affairs group, Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati

How long have you been a Cincinnati PRSA member? 13 years

What do you find most beneficial about Cincinnati PRSA? Though the monthly meetings, which are great in terms of in-person chats, rank highly, I feel our chapter’s APR process has been most beneficial to me personally. I learned so much during that time, and it gave me the opportunity to meet folks I’ve come to really respect (such as Tom Schick, Debbie Copeland-Bloom, Jeff Seal and Elaine Zeinner, among others).

What social media outlets do you use? I use Facebook on occasion.

You’re in PR, which means you’re interesting by default! Tell us one fun fact about you: I feel blessed to have been able to cross the finish lines of 33 full (26.2 miles) and ultra (31.6 miles) marathons, but yet I’m most proud that I’ve been able to help five people train for and finish their first full or half marathon. It’s so satisfying to be right there and see how happy and proud of themselves they are! I love it!