Cincinnati Chapter Bylaws

Click here to download a PDF of our Chapter bylaws


Event Reservation Policy

Reservations are required for events since the location only makes the number of meals that we order.  We cannot guarantee space for walkins.  If you require a vegetarian meal, you need to state this at the time you make your reservation; however, all vegetarian meals are "Chef's Choice."  All meals need to be ordered in advance and substitutions will not be available the day of the event.

All of our meeting announcements include a reservation deadline and the statement that we cannot accept cancellations after that time.  This is because our contract with the location requires us to guarantee the number of meals we need to order at that time.  Once we place the guarantee we cannot lower our count. Therefore, we are billed for all meals we order at the time of our deadline whether we end up using them or not.

Our chapter by-laws state that members are responsible for payment of expenses incurred on their behalf by the Chapter when they have indicated their intention to participate in Chapter activities.  We understand that scheduling conflicts do arise, clients suddenly appear, people do get sick and sometimes the weather isn’t the best for driving.  However, please understand that if you have placed a reservation and not cancelled it by the deadline, so long as the program is held, you are responsible for the cost of your reservation.

Please note the following:

  1. All non-member reservations must be prepaid.
  2. Reservations will not be accepted from anyone owing a balance from a prior event.


Returned Checks Policy

All returned checks are subject to a $15 fee.  Payment to cover the original NSF check plus the check fee must be made by either money order, MasterCard or Visa.  We cannot accept a check to cover an NSF check.




Weather Policy

Cincinnati PRSA reserves the right to cancel programming on the affected date if an inclement weather or environmental warning is issued or if the venue closes. Should an event be cancelled, all registrants will be notified immediately. Cincinnati PRSA will make every effort to postpone the event to another date.

    Member email / Address Policy

    Mass emails to PRSA chapter members will be limited to communications about chapter, district or national PRSA events, postings, or other chapter-related items. Individual members who would like to communicate with the chapter should do so in PRVisions, the chapter newsletter. Organizations or individuals who would like to make announcements to chapter members also should do so in the chapter newsletter. The chapter will not allow any other organization to have access to chapter member email, postal addresses, phone or fax numbers. Chapter committees will be permitted to use a portion of the email list (e.g. "accredited members") for relevant communications to those members. Any exceptions to this policy will have to be approved by the board.