How can I join PRSA?

For more information visit our membership page, or contact Natalie Hansman at nhansman@smythautomotive.com with any questions.

Can I join the Cincinnati Chapter without joining PRSA nationally? Can I just be a national member without joining the local chapter?

You must join the national organization to be considered a PRSA member. Local chapter membership provides full access to events at a member rate (often free), full access to the job bank, the opportunity to participate in chapter leadership activities, and APR readiness courses. 

How do I update my membership contact information?

To check your information, visit PRSA's MemberNet at https://members.prsa.org and click on "My Profile." If you cannot access your member information, have recently changed jobs or need to update your email address, contact Rosa Paulsen (212) 460-1490 or Tanya Black (212) 460-1472 at PRSA Nationals for assistance.

Can I attend a PRSA meeting without being a member? 

Yes, non-members are encouraged to attend our local meetings so that you can learn more about the chapter, and our programs and activities. For a list of upcoming meetings and how to register to attend click here. Cost for a normal monthly luncheon meeting is $35 for non-PRSA members and $23 for members. Some meetings vary in pricing due to speaker and location fees. 

Can I purchase your membership list? 

No. The Cincinnati Chapter of PRSA does not sell its membership list.  However, there are plenty of sponsorship opportunities available if you'd like to get your name/product/services out to our members. For more details, please contact our sponsorship chair, Barbara Grimsley at Barbara_E_Grimsley@yahoo.com

Have questions about the Job Bank?

If you have any questions about the Job Bank service contact Jill Dunne, at jill.dunne@cincyart.org

Do you keep a database of available internships in the Greater Cincinnati area?

No. The chapter does not keep a specific list of available internships in the Greater Cincinnati area. However, internships are frequently listed in the Job Bank. If you are looking for an internship, a good place to start is with the local advertising and PR agencies in town and/or with local non-profit organizations. They are frequently looking for interns.

Have questions about PRSAs universal accreditation program (becoming an APR)? 

Contact Stephanie Honan, APR, Cincinnati's accreditation chair. Stephanie can provide information about the accreditation process and upcoming test dates. Contact Stephanie via email at stephanie.honan@53.com