City of Blue Ash

Position: Communications Coordinator


Assists the City Manager or designee in the coordination, oversight, and implementation of the City’s communications and public relations program.  Performs complex professional and administrative work in managing assigned functions of the City Manager’s office and other areas of the municipal government as well as performing other related duties.


This is a professional position in the office of the City Manager involving frequent detailed duties which may be wide and varied in scope.  The primary responsibilities of this position include the implementation of both external and internal communications programs.  The employee should be generally familiar with all phases of the City government.  The duties of this office are of such a nature that the employee often works independently on a number of projects covering a wide variety of subjects and is under the pressure of completing them within a limited time period.  The employee frequently works with considerable independence of action in preparing correspondence, releases, responding to requests for information, and performing other public contact work.  The employee is under the supervision of the City Manager or designee who reviews work, methods and/or results, and gives general instructions on assignments.  In addition to the regular work schedule (Monday through Friday from 8AM-5PM), attendance at City Council meetings, Citizen Academy, special events, and some holiday work required (ie Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day).


  • Plans and develops (with input from the City Manager or designee) the City’s public relations strategies, policies, and procedures;

  • Creates and implements positive public relations strategies;

  • Routinely advises the City Manager’s Office on community relations projects and activities;

  • Serves as spokesperson for the City in daily as well as crisis situations;

  • Fields and directs responses to citizen and media-related inquiries;

  • Reviews and investigates complaints and requests for services;

  • Coordinates public relations for all City departments;

  • Consults with the City Manager or designee, department heads, and staff to assess public information/relations needs and formulate courses of action that support specific objectives;

  • Develops a working relationship with media contacts and works with media (print, radio and television) to provide information and promote a good relationship between the City and the media, and to promote a positive image for the City;

  • Develops, coordinates and supervises the City's public outreach program including COBA 101 (Blue Ash Citizen Academy) - responds to and meets with property owners, homeowner groups, business districts, citizen groups and the public;  

  • Plans, coordinates, and prepares the City Newsletters, annual community calendars, citizen surveys, and other regular communications to residential and business citizens and manages expenditures for these and other projects;

  • Creates annual report;

  • Plans, coordinates, and prepares Employee Newsletters for distribution to City employees;

  • Works with the Technology office in the creation and maintenance of the City’s website(s), intranet site, social media site(s), and apps;

  • Prepares news releases or other matters of public information regarding a variety of City news, events, etc. affecting multiple City departments and divisions for newspapers, journals and web site publications;

  • Develops key messaging for City leaders;

  • Plans, coordinates, and prepares general marketing, informational products, and literature for the promotional or informational benefit of the City;

  • Develops brochures, pamphlets and booklets to communicate about various aspects and activities of the City;

  • Oversees the preparation and distribution of monthly calendar for City activities and meetings;

  • Attends and participates in City meetings and events;

  • Coordinates identified special events and recognition receptions.

  • Photographs identified City events for publications and displays;

  • Oversees branding initiatives;

  • Maintains database of public relations contacts;

  • Maintains inventory of all marketing related materials including: electronic and printed publication files, photo library, logo files and mailing lists.

  • Serves on committees as designated by the City Manager or designee;

  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of technology utilized by the City;

  • Attends meetings, seminars, conferences, and other related events to stay current and innovative.

  • Coordinates identified fundraising efforts;

  • Serves as back-up for other division personnel;

  • Assumes other responsibilities and projects as directed by the City Manager or designee.


Thorough knowledge of modern office practices and procedures, business English, spelling and commercial arithmetic; knowledge of basic marketing concepts and techniques; thorough knowledge of the operations, functions, and scope of authority of City departments and offices; ability to work independently and with initiative;  ability to establish effective and harmonious working relationships with other employees and the general public; consistently diplomatic, pleasant, and a team player; good physical condition and neat personal appearance.


Extensive experience in performing communication work of a progressively responsible nature; a Bachelor's degree in communications, marketing, journalism, English, general business administration, public administration or other related field; preferably five years experience in development and implementations of communications/public relations; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.


Ability to communicate effectively with City Council, staff, citizens and media.  Ability to read, analyze and interpret survey results, financial reports and legal documents.  Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from the public.  Ability to write speeches and articles for publication that conforms to prescribed style and format.  Ability to effectively present information to City Council, staff, public groups, and/or the media.


To apply, please contact Kelly Harrington, Assistant City Manager at