2017 Blacksmith Awards

Omni - step by step

1. Register for OMNI

Omni is very straightforward. Start by registering. Once you fill that out, it will populate each entry.  REGISTER HERE.

NOTE: For organizations that have multiple people submitting awards, we suggest using a single account for the organization using a single contact point, and sharing the login with those submitting work. This will ensure your organization is able to get the largest discount available.

Once you register, you will go to the Welcome Page. Read the directions on this page. The next step is to click on Add Entry.

Welcome page.JPG

2. Go to Add Entry

3. Click on Entry Materials


4. Go to Entry Description

6. You are now at the Payment Page. You can pay online or offline. 

5. Once you have completed these 3 steps and payment, go to View/Edit entries. If you are confident that your entry is ready, click on SUBMIT. Once you have hit SUBMIT, you cannot revise your entry.

7. Omni will show you that the payment has been made and your entry is now ready to judge.