2018 Blacksmith Awards Winners

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The 2018 Blacksmith Awards were announced at a ceremony at The Summit – A Dolce Hotel on Nov. 15, 2018. Thank you for your support to make the 2018 Blacksmiths a huge success, and to all the organizations that submitted entries.

Below is a list of all of the organizations and people that were recognized with Awards of Excellence or a Blacksmith during the event:





Content Marketing

  • Award of Excellence: Scooter Media Drives Results with Content Marketing

  • Award of Excellence: DD Awareness Month, Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services

  • Blacksmith: SHP: A Content-First Approach, Wordsworth Communications

Crisis Communications

  • Award of Excellence: People Working Cooperatively Faces Funding Crisis, Scooter Media

  • Blacksmith: Communicating Through a Hurricane, Vehr Communications & Fast Park

Events & Observances -- More Than 7 Days

  • Award of Excellence: It Takes A Village: HealthCare Connection 50th Anniversary Celebration, HealthCare Connection

  • Blacksmith: 50 Years, 50 HCDDS Facts, Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services

Events & Observances – 7 Days or Fewer

  • Award of Excellence: Lanterns and Landmarks Historic Tour, City of Montgomery

  • Award of Excellence: Empower Grand Opening, Empower

  • Award of Excellence: GeoTour Event, Great Parks of Hamilton County

  • Award of Excellence: Bringing Renewable Energy Goals to the Big Apple, Fifth Third Bank & Wordsworth Communications

  • Blacksmith: Safety Week 2018, Intrinzic

Integrated Communications

  • Award of Excellence: The Jewish Hospital -Mercy Health Brain Tumor Center Launch, Mercy Health

  • Blacksmith: Dremel DigiLab, Empower

Internal Communications

  • Award of Excellence: Bon Secour, Mercy Health Combination, Mercy Health

  • Award of Excellence: Rudler Employees Exceed Expectations on Social Media, Scooter Media

  • Blacksmith: Impacting associate heart health: Check. Change. Control., Ohio National Financial Services


  • Award of Excellence: Conquer the Cleanup with Dremel Versa, Empower

  • Award of Excellence: Launching DevouCycle, Scooter Media

  • Blacksmith: SHP: Leading Design in a New Direction, Wordsworth Communications

Most Effective Campaign on a Five Thousand Dollar or Less Budget

  • Blacksmith: PWC Ramp it Up for Veterans, Scooter Media

Most Effective Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign

  • Award of Excellence: Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Third Bank Commits to 100% Renewable Solar Energy, Fifth Third Bank & Wordsworth Communications

Multicultural and Diversity Campaign

  • Award of Excellence: First Ladies Flu Shot, Cincinnati Children’s

Public Service

  • Blacksmith: Brent Spence Bridge, Rasor

Reputation and Brand Management

  • Award of Excellence: FORM Student Innovation Competition Inspires Next Generation of Architects and Designers, Formica Corporation

  • Blacksmith: Executive Communications in Urban Commercial Development, Wordsworth Communications

PRSSA Campaign

  • Blacksmith: Cherish Your Childhood - Miami Bateman Team, Miami University PRSSA


Ohio National Financial Services
Impacting associate heart health: Check. Change. Control
Internal Communications


Media Relations

  • Award of Excellence: Ride Cincinnati Media Roundtable, Pomme Communications

  • Award of Excellence: Buffalo Fans Give Back, Vehr Communications & Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation

  • Award of Excellence: Adopt Don’t Shop, Wordsworth Communications

  • Award of Excellence: Running from the Devil, Wordsworth Communications

Feature Stories

  • Award of Excellence: Expanding to a Regional Audience Through Trade Publications, Wordsworth Communications

Best Use of Social Stories

  • Blacksmith: Christ Church Cathedral’s Great Wallet Mystery, Pomme Communications

Twitter Engagement

  • Blacksmith: CEO Leverages Twitter as Key Communication Channel, Wordsworth Communications

Facebook Engagement

  • Award of Excellence: 2017 Victorian Holiday Village, Ohio National Financial Services

  • Award of Excellence: The Stories of South Dearborn, Scooter Media

New Digital Platform

  • Blacksmith: Rearchitecting and Redesigning Mercy.com, Mercy Health


  • Blacksmith: A Content-First Website in a Portfolio-First World, Wordsworth Communications

Creative Tactics

  • Award of Excellence: Flash Mob Promotes CincySings 2018 & ArtsWave Campaign, Ohio National Financial Services\

  • Award of Excellence: A Devilishly Fun Media Kit that Earned Heavenly Placements, Wordsworth Communications

  • Blacksmith: Paint the Town Orange for National Cancer Survivors Day, Pomme Communications

Annual Reports

  • Blacksmith: 2017 Multimedia Annual Report, Clermont County


  • Blacksmith: The Summit, a Dolce Hotel – blog, Rasor

Online Videos

  • Award of Excellence: #SkipTheStraw PSA, Shara Clark Communications

Best Use of Branded Content

  • Award of Excellence: Activating Hope, St. Elizabeth Heathcare


  • Blacksmith: Making Progress Podcast, Cincinnati Public Schools and Vehr Communications


  • Award of Excellence: Beechwood Independent Schools Legacy Magazine, Scooter Media

PRSSA Tactic

  • Blacksmith: Petition for a Purpose, Miami University PRSSA

Best in Show/Tactics

Pomme Communications
Christ Church Cathedral's Great  Wallet Mystery
Best Use of Social Stories


2018 New PR Professional of the Year: Drew Boehmker of Scooter Media
2018 Independent Practitioner of the Year: Pamela Gilchrist, APR, Gilchrist Group
2018 PRSSA Student of the Year: Maddie Malloy, Miami University
2018 CEO Communicator of the Year: Brent Cooper, President & CEO, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
Communications Team of the Year: Mercy Health
2018 Small/Mid-Size Agency of the Year: Scooter Media
2018 Large Agency of the Year: Vehr Communications